Hunter Mountain – Leavitt – January 25, 2015

20150125_163044s400A day after leading a hike for the Catskill 3500 club, we relaxed by hiking Leavitt (aka Southwest Hunter) and Hunter Mountain. Finding the can on Leavitt was a piece of cake with a nice track already worn along the main herd path on an old rail bed. It wasn’t really fair to call it a bush whack on this day.

Next we hiked around to the summit and enjoyed the views from the fire tower, then relaxed in the cabin for an extended time visiting friends who were manning the summit for the weekend. By the time we left it was getting fairly close to dark, but the miles back to the cars on Spruceton Road went very fast. On the way down, the late afternoon daylight, blue skies, and snow laden trees had a delightful magical quality.