Table, Peekamoose, Lone and Rocky – March 9, 2014

20140309_130446s400It was a small group and we hiked four Catskill peaks, or was it six? Starting from the trail at Denning, we hiked to Table and Peekamoose, then left the trail and headed over to Lone and Rocky, then backtracked the way we had come, passing over Lone and Table again. We wore snowshoes the entire way and the going was pretty easy because someone else had set a very good track on a good bearing and we merely needed to follow it, although we did frequently check the compass to make sure we weren’t being led astray. We weren’t; it was an excellent route that avoided some of the real thick conifers on Rocky.

We made sure to find viewpoints on ledges near the summits of both Lone and Rocky. There are some interesting views of many Catskill features, including the Devils Path and parts of the Burroughs range. In total on this beautiful sunny day we hiked about 14 miles and visited 4 summits (or was it 6?)

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